Sunday, April 5, 2009


Yesterday, my dad stopped by and we had a blast as he played with the kids outside. Everyone went outdoors to play as it was a beautiful spring day. We played freeze tag, red light, green light and hide and go seek. The kids had tons of fun as did the grown ups.

The kids sure do love having their grandpa come over, because in their words "He's funny!"

Today we just lazed about and I quickly pulled out my camera phone to capture Ruth playing keep away with Patten. It's quite funny and I just thought I would share 15 seconds of the little game that kept us laughing for a good 15 minuets.

Ruth would grab one end of the toy and Patten would take the other and each would growl as they pulled and tugged. It was quite the game of tug of war. It reminded me of those commercials about the gum that made your teeth strong (ya know the one of the girl at the flea market, hands full and a guy on a motorcycle tries to steal her purse but gets knocked off his bike, cause her teeth are so strong).

I hope you guys get a good laugh. I know we did. Enjoy!

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  1. That was funny. He was fighting for it. My boys ran around in their undies too. It is so fun to think back on those days.

    Your weekend sounds great. I am so going to play red light green light this summer. Completely forgot about that.


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