Tuesday, April 7, 2009

{Officially Idaho-ans}

That's right, I am officially an Idaho-an...well, really what that means is that I now have Idaho plates & Idaho ID...it happened last week. Shame on me for not doing it sooner but I just didn't want to - it was more hoops then I was willing to do at the time. But I got it done and now I have a slightly better then crappy image of myself on an Idaho Driver's license and new plates that are red, white & blue...

We took a drive today into Weiser to see if we would like the area and after driving around and getting a feel for it, we do like it. I think it's going to be one of the places we will start looking when we are ready to buy a home. It just had a nice feel about it. Not to mention we found an awesome play structure and I spied a cool run down industrial area near the high school that would be AWESOME for pictures!! Not to mention all the lovely homes and open space. Plus the prices are great there, (I do hope they stay that way when we decide to buy...fingers crossed).

Tomorrow we have a long day ahead of us, a long trip to the VA and then off to Gowen fields for Retirement Military ID's...We are going to have all 3 kids with us because this is going to be a full day and no way we will make it back in time to pick up the kiddo's from school...lots of games to play in the car and lots of coloring books as well as homework to do and it doesn't hurt that we have a DVD player in the van (so glad William picked this van...it's so nice for the kids on long trips).

I have been reading more and more lately and over the past 3 days I have read the first two books in the Piers Anthony "Mode" series (Virtual Mode & Fractal Mode). I didn't have the 3rd book in the series called "Chaos Mode" and was annoyed that the used bookstore in Payette was closed (even during their "business" hours) so I googled used bookstores in Ontario and guess what! I found one!! and they had the 3rd book. So guess which one I am reading now...BOOK 3! I sure do enjoy reading and have really missed it...why did I ever quit?

Sorry for jumping so much, but my thoughts are jumbled and won't come out in a normal rhythm tonight...

As you know, I want to get pregnant and have a small list of things I want clothing wise...2 pairs of jeans, skirt & a couple of shirts...well I was just going to get them from Lane Bryant online because finally they had a maternity section...WELL now that I am looking seriously at purchasing a items (well not until I am actually preggers, but looking none-the-less) they no longer carry maternity wear...which sucks for me because they did have the right fit maternity jeans...ugh It's so hard to find maternity clothes for, dare I say, "FAT" girls! That's right I said it! F-A-T!

Is there someone out there who things that girls past a size 18 don't get preggers? Seriously where are all the "cute" maternity wear for the bigger gals? Why do I have to wear a moo-moo when I am pregnant or some oversized shirt or SPEND TONS to look pretty while pregnant?

Anyways enough of my FAT rant...I am so tired of not being able to find clothes that fit well during pregnancy...and I was so excited that lane bryant had what I wanted and now they just don't! It's infuriating really...I know where to go instead but it would just be nice if they kept the line until I made my order then they could have gotten rid of the line...ya know...lol

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  1. we JUST got our Virginia plates/registration, (10 months late). It was such a hassle; we waited until the Utah stuff expired :)


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