Thursday, April 9, 2009


Last night I was surprised when we came home to find a package from Amway Global - I thought it wouldn't come until later. It was a nice surprise to end the day. We got our Retired Military ID's (yeah!!) and even though the VA still has no idea what is going on with William's legs & hands we met the nicest Neurologist we have ever met. He was sooo nice. It was a refreshing change to the hard calloused doctors we have met of late thru the VA.

This afternoon I got a surprise in my mailbox, a key to another BIGGER box so that I could retrieve a package from Angie! I knew she said she was going to send something but didn't think it would be so big...It really made my day!! Thank you Angie!! My daughter just loved the little chicks and once Aaron gets home from school I will give them each the marshmallow poles, they will love those.

Below are a few snaps of what the package held...who knew a big padded envelope could hold such darling goodies!




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