Friday, April 10, 2009

{Naran: Druid}

No, I did not draw this only colored it with colored pencil. It is a combination of two drawings (photoshopped together) to help me create an identity for my new character in a new story-line William has created. It should be fun. I even found a miniature that looks like her - sort of, I am waiting for her to dry. I got more into this character then I did my last one.


This is Naran. She is half Silver dragon and half human. She is a druid and has an animal companion named Moon. Her companion is a snowy owl. Naran has "deformities" such as two small horns that she covers with her hair. She also has wings that are silvery soft and flowy like fabric and once they are around her shoulders most pass them off as her cape. She also has scales (silver and shimmery) that surround her eyes and go down her neck and shoulders down the to the small of her back.

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