Tuesday, April 14, 2009

{Thoughts: Random-ness}

It's late and here I sit on my couch using my hubbies laptop. (He's a PC & I am a MAC) I just can't get to sleep I thought maybe if I caught up on my blog reads it would help me sleep, but it didn't. I even thought that if I watched some of the shows I have missed the past few weeks that it would help bring on sleep...not the case. I even thought if I just listened to music it would help but it didn't either. So here I am, sitting in a dark livingroom with my feet propped up and typing on this brightly lit screen, hoping and praying I will soon get some relief and get the sleep I need.

I probably won't anytime soon and in no time at all it will be time to take the boys to school. I really had a nice weekend with the kids. One reason I haven't been on blogging as much and the other reason is that I wanted to finish the MODE series by Piers Anthony. Did you know it had 4 books? I didn't! and it irked me that each book (I had the first two thinking there were only 3), ended abruptly so in order for me to know if they got to where they were going I had to read all 3. Of course I scoured for book 3 and found it in a small used book store in Ontario and after trudging thru it found it ended abruptly too!

Yes, I was madder then all get out! and everyone in the house knew it and the big chain book stores around here knew it too! No one seemed to have book number 4. Not a one!! But I did find Hastings and asked the info person if they had the book and she was so nice and said, "Yes, but we only have a used copy" I was thinking hurray and please get me the used copy! Of course it was hardback and not paperback BUT it did have a nice price on it! It was only $5.90 and for me to order a softback online would have cost that much and then shipping too.

I finished the book in about 6 hours. Now I know what happened and there was no abrupt ending. Finally I can move onto another book that won't need so much of my time. It was a fun book though I had to trudge thru book 3 because of all the big scientific words and theories that didn't need as much depth as the author thought was necessary...it just bogged it down so it took me a bit more time to finish that one then 1, 2 & 4.

I will tell you what though, after reading a hardback book I appreciate paperback books more and more. The paperback books don't hurt my wrists as much as holding a hardback does. It requires only one hand while the hardback requires two. It was hard to hold Ruth and read the last book because I couldn't reach around to hold the book properly. Oh, well. I still got the book finished.

If you were wondering what books I am talking about I read: Virtual Mode, Fractal Mode, Chaos Mode & then DoOon Mode. All four were written by Piers Anthony. An interesting series, but glad it's over with now.

Now onto my weekend with the kids! We played "Tag" and "Hide-n-go seek" and ran around searching for many hidden eggs and even decorating eggs too. It really was a great weekend. I did take pictures of the Easter egg hunt but those images are yet to be downloaded onto my computer. I will upload them as soon as I can so you can see the fun they had.

Aaron and Sam ran around and around, searching the front yard and then the back yard for the elusive plastic eggs. They found a great many and I had to send them off to different sections so that Ruth would be able to find some of the eggs before her brothers scooped them all up. This was Ruth's first Easter egg hunt. We are not big on the whole bunny thing, but it is fun and we discuss every year what Easter is really about and why it's celebrated. They really did enjoy every aspect of it.

I was supposed to have a Senior session this weekend but it fell thru last minute and I was rather bummed because I was all ready and rearing to go. I got a notion (still small voice) that I should call and make sure she was coming (it's a hour drive for me to where we were to meet) and her number was disconnected so I called her mom's number. Her mom said she would call her daughter to find out. I called the mom back as I hadn't heard anything in over an hour and she said it was off and we would reschedule. I hope it works out next time but I am sure glad I listened to that still small voice urging me to call because I would have been very upset had no one showed up and I had driven all that way for nothing. (God is always with us, guiding us, even in the little things we do. I appreciate it.)

I wonder all the time about random things and wonder if I could ever just shut my brain off so that I can just get the sleep I need...all this random-ness just clogs my brain making it all muddled and alert but all the while my body says "let me sleep" but my brain is shouting "No, I need to think about why cookie dough tastes so good" Lame I know, but it truly is frustrating at times. Especially when I need my sleep so I can be well rested for my day of fun and house chores...

I swear my house has severely suffered due to my lack of sleep. I have clothes piled up, needing to be washed. The sink hasn't been dish-less in forever. I don't even know what is lurking at the bottom of the sink because I haven't reached it yet this week. At least it doesn't smell...well, not yet. My floor needs vacuumed and don't get me started on the state of my bathrooms.

I just don't have the energy. I really should go in and see if iron levels are too low again. Did I mention I had my first "real" period this month and it was awful! I forgot how horrible they were. All the bleeding, cramping, nausea and not to mention the migraines. It was like the flood gates just being opened once I had my birth control removed. I really hope I get pregnant sooner then later because these periods will be the death of me I am sure...well, maybe not but it will take some getting used to since my periods while on the birth control were very light and had no ill side effects except for "Bitchiness" as hubby called it. (excuse the foul language)

Anywho I am going go sign off and hope that I can drift off to sleep soon. It's getting so late and I really would like to be a bit rested before being rudely awaken by the alarm in the morning...I miss my sunrises, I haven't seen any since the time change...another reason I don't like "springing forward". Oh well. Nighty-night!


  1. Did you stop by my blog? I'm pretty sure I could put you to sleep! LOL Wow--what a bummer about those books. What a dirty trick to keep you hanging till the next one. Hope you got some sleep before it was school time!

  2. You really should get your iron checked, especially with trying to get pregnant. Mine was checked a couple of weeks ago and was even lower than before. When your pregnant, your body needs even more iron and there are risks if you are anemic, like I am. I need to get my iron up to a normal range before I should try and get pregnant agian.

    Have you thought about reading the "Twilight" series? They are bigger books, but are a very easy read and go fast. I can't count how many people who have been skepitcal about reading them cuz they didn't think it would be something they would enjoy( including myself) and then were hooked...most of them moms. Even Petula finally started to read it and finished it very quickly, even with her 5 kids. You should try them!


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