Tuesday, December 11, 2007

{Lunch Today}

I got a lot of stuff done this morning before the kids went off to school. Amazing considering Sam was screaming that he didn't want to go to school today - for 30 minuets and I had to drag him down to the bus stop kicking and screaming - I felt bad for the bus driver because he had Sam sit behind him and he got louder when I dragged him onto the bus too...I am such a bad mom!

But when Sam got home he was all smiles and happy - so I know he had a good time at school - seriously this morning you would have thought he was going to die or something at school the way he was carrying on this morning. Oh well, this has only happened once this whole year so that's a plus right?

I got some stuff mailed out and the electrician came and fixed our outlets that were not working and got dishes done and everything else too...Now to work on the laundry - I hate laundry but it needs to be done...ugh

For lunch I make shapes for the pb&j sandwiches that I make for the kids. Today it was flowers and feet - Makes Ruth eat a bit more because she doesn't really eat much and also helps Sam to stay at the table to finish. Below are some pictures of their Lunch. Enjoy!

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