Sunday, December 2, 2007

{Thinking Positive: Day 2}

Day Two

1. Ruth didn't take her diaper off once today.

2. I remembered to put the clothes in the dryer - I tend to forget and have to re-wash them.

3. We went to church - kids were actually pretty well behaved for them and it was sooo nice to have a 2 hour break while the kids were in their primary classes. While at church I got a blessing from the bishop - I really needed one - this week has been a living nightmare at times.

4. Aaron went to bed without a fight and so did Sam - first for Sam EVER...

5. I got to watch Desperate Housewives without hearing William call it Desperate Whorewives - It's my night time soap opera and tonights episoide had a tornado of a finish...I gasped and started crying at the end of this episoide - lame I know but I have watched it from the begining and sink myself into their world for an hour a week. Even if I miss it I can watch it online at I watch Ugly Betty online too cause William likes to watch Smallville instead and I want to watch it with him - I don't have Tivo but I do have my abc night time shows online - YEAH!! (I am so lame!)

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