Wednesday, December 5, 2007

{Thinking Positive: Day 4}


1. Spent the day enjoying my family.

2. Got to shop for groceries this morning without all the kids - it was just Ruth, William and I - she was a pill but much easier to handle then 3 pills.

3. Reworked a cell phone image that Robbie took of Trent while we were visiting him in prison - this is a no-no but Robbie wanted a new picture of trent for his new phone.

4. I got to have a LONG talk with my dear friend Carla today!! Usually we are always missing each other when we was sooo nice to hear her voice.

5. My friend Jason, is a brain surgeon! I am going to chat him up - maybe talk him into doing William's surgery - just kidding - although that would be cool, plus I would know he didn't have an alterer motive.

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