Thursday, December 20, 2007

{My Birthday}

I didn't have a good nights sleep - but still took the kids to school because I wanted to volunteer in Sam's class today. I dropped the kids off at the door and went to look for a parking spot - it took 15-20 min. to find one. When I got into Sam's class I was greeted by a warm greeting of smiling faces singing happy birthday to me and clapping 28 times for me. It was a wonderful surprise.

When we got home - I brought Aaron home same time as Sam because we were going to go to Ikea for the day with my mom and sister. We were supposed to take the max but they were worried about the rain and what not sooooo we drove - mom and sis in her car and me and my family in ours. First off, bad traffic there, horrific traffic back. The visit to Ikea was fun though. I enjoyed seeing it and want to go back when I have more time to look around more thoroughly without the kids. I did pick up 2 rugs and a cute apron & new oven mitts. Before we left Ikea William surprised me with a beautiful flowering plant - "Cyclamen". It was beautiful and really made my day.

When I got home My mom and dad came over to bring me my birthday present. It was beautiful and one of my favorite insects - a lovely dragonfly necklace. About an hour after they left I hear a knock on my door and it was my visit teaching companion - she came bearing flowers and a card from her and her hubby and both started to sing "Happy Birthday to you" It really was a very nice surprise. Silly me, I don't have any vases anymore - kids broke the last one about a year ago. While at Ikea I was going to pick one up because they were so inexpensive and decided against it and ya know what my plastic juice pitcher worked great! lol Not the prettiest thing in the world but it holds water.

Below are some pictures of the flowers and necklace. My day didn't start out so well with little sleep but it ended on a wonderful note. Thank you all who sent their best wishes and everyone who called me today.

The images with the heart shaped blurred background was done by me cutting a circle out of construction paper - I used a cream color, should have found a dark color and taped it to my lens (of course all of these are with my D70 not the point-n-shoot) the circle had a small heart shape cut out of the center. Pretty neat but the lighter color added an odd color cast to my image. Enjoy!!


  1. Arya, I'm glad your day ended well. I hope it was a happy birthday overall.


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