Friday, December 7, 2007

{Thinking Positive: Day 6}


1. We got the call that said "YES, your husband is getting the surgery!" - no more of that crap around the tree talk - it was giving me a headache!

2. When I went to the UPS store I was greeted so nicely by the gals behind the counter - they know me from all my photo packages sent off to clients last month.

3. I got to talk with my mom today - in person.

4. My mom's cat Oreo made me laugh the whole time I was there - he is a hoot to watch for sure.

5. They had the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie at blockbuster so I rented it - I got the last copy! whoo-hoo!

6. The kids loved being able to watch the first disc of the first season of Ben 10! It really made their day! (Thanks again Brittany for the subscription to netflix!)

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