Sunday, December 2, 2007

{Screams and Yells}

I was awaken by screams and yelling coming from the livingroom and stomping up and down the hall as the kids were playing zombie - going round and round thru the livingroom down the hall and into the kitchen and then the livingroom again. I can only imaging how long that had been going on and I wonder if my downstairs neighbors were happy with all that ruckus...probably not.

Needless to say I wasn't happy and made them stop - they woke me waaaay before the alarm was to go off at 7am. Oh well. I got breakfast made for them and started some laundry. Scolded them for turning on the lights to the christmas tree and told them I was going to take it down if they kept messing with it. Maybe next year I won't pull it out until the 15th of December or later so I don't have to keep fighting with them to LEAVE the DAMN thing ALONE!

I think William might still be sleeping he hasn't called yet, or he's watching something good on the sci-fi channel in his hotel room. Either way I am sure he is having a nice quiet morning. (lucky bastard... :) just kidding - he had no choice in going to ft. lewis for this long week)

I wonder what I will fix for dinner - gosh that is a ways away...ugh it's going to be another looooong day of whinning and crying, screams and yells and of course more fighting....Gotta go Ruth is whinning for my attention...I think they all miss thier dad and are just taking it out on me and eachother.

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