Sunday, December 9, 2007

{Thinking Positive: Day 9}


1. Finished up editing my session and got it onto a disc.

2. Was able to get to my mom's to print some stuff off for my client and got my stuff all prettied up.

3. Client was happy with her CD! Yeah! and she loved the packaging - see it does count to have pretty packaging!

4. Home Teachers came over and I gave them their present from us - just one of my cityscapes that they took an interest in.

5. Finished up my "photoshop" made ornaments and got them all laminated and up on the tree.

6. Aaron drew and colored some pictures as ornaments to be laminated and hung on the tree - they are really neat!

7. I had a good day today - Not a single thing to complain about - not even when I came back home from running errands and found fruity pebbles all over the floors of the apartment got me down - I just pulled out the vacuum and got it all cleaned up!


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