Friday, December 14, 2007

{Thinking Positive: Day 13}


1. Went to airport with my mom and got a good giggle when she tried to get into the airport thru the glass instead of the opening...I know not really funny but it was a good giggle for me.

2. Got to see the happy look on my aunt Jeanie's face when she saw my mom and called out "Hello Sister!"

3. Picked up a gift for William - Thanks Mom!

4. I took a nice long relaxing shower without kids banging on the door - it was like I was kid-less...

5. Had a nice conversation with my mom tonight while we waited for Jean's plane to come in.

6. William watched all the kids while I went to go with mom to pick up Jeanie at the airport. Which was over an hour late due to weather - poor guy was asleep when I got home. I love him sooo much!

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