Thursday, December 6, 2007

{Thinking Positive: Day 5}


1. I got to spend some quality time helping out in Sam's preschool class - I got to help him create a gingerbread man and I also helped other kids do their stuff too but I blast helping Sam! His teacher said it was the happiest she has seen him all year! I am going to have to do it more often!!

2. I got ahold of almost everyone today that I was supposed to regarding the VA and Military crap - still a few more to go but I got thru the majority of my list so I am happy about that!

3. I got to watch "Waitress" very cute movie - on the different side but still fun to watch.

4. I got to enjoy LIFE with my hubby - it's becoming one of our favorite TV series!

5. I am grateful that we didn't get flooded out here and that our power stayed on during the storm.

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