Monday, December 17, 2007

{Thinking Positive: Day 16}


1. I had a great morning - woke up to children screaming and laughing and loud bangs - it didn't bother me too much (which is odd considering I hate to be up in the mornings and loud noises bother me)

2. I talked with one of my home teachers at church and he is going to call to schedule an appointment for a family session this week! YEAH!

3. I got to have a nice dinner with my mom and dad tonight.

4. After dinner I got a father's blessing from my dad - I really needed it.

5. I got to talk to Tanis face to face tonight - which hardly ever happens 'cause she is so busy now a days.

6. I gave Tanis my old "fake" tree because a nice family brought us a new one tonight and why do we need two trees?

7. While at Tanis's she got a call from Trent and I got to talk to him for a few. It was nice to hear his voice.

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