Saturday, December 1, 2007

{Thinking Positive: Day 1}

I am going to start writing down at the end of my day at least FIVE postive things that happened during the course of the day because as my mom pointed out the bad stuff is taking over - although I will vent because I need to otherwise as my friend Jasong said I will end up killing someone if I don't - he's a doctor so I will take his advice...haha

So for this WHOLE month of December you will see a list at the end of my day, each and every day.


1. Aaron went to bed without getting upset, which was a first this whole week.

2. I got my picture mattes and the frame guy gave me some acid free tape for free - it was the same tape they use but don't carry in the store when they mount pictures to mattes.

3. William called me and we had a nice conversation that didn't involve military stuff.

4. I got to watch Polterguist: Legacy - it's an old TV series that I used to love watching and didn't know they were doing re-runs. The kids even watched it with me and liked that it had monsters and ghouls.

5. I uploaded some more pictures to my myspace gallery under "Pictures/Drawings Not my own - but cool" album. I find my fun images from Art Jumble I love all the neat images they do for the weekly themes and I love surfing the artist links to their own blogs. They have some neat stuff.

Ok so that is my list for today. Now to finish washing church clothes and finish up my client's CD's for delivery on Monday, hopefully William will be home Monday Afternoon...fingers are crossed!

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