Thursday, December 6, 2007

{My Day So Far}

I have been super tired since waking up this morning. I got the kids up and dressed - kept Sam home from school because we had an appointment with the head guy at the VA Service Officer place - had we known he was going to be 45 minuets late we could have let Sam go to his class today! He made some promises and I don't have my hopes up that anything will get done - been lied to one too many times to believe anyone that says they are here to help us. We got home and watched a movie - Nannie Diaries - cute movie. I am sooo ready for a nap - my migraine is at about a pain level 8/9 on a scale of 1 to 10 - 10 being the worst. It started when we had both Ruth and Sam at the appointment and trying to keep them under control and stuff when they are hungry and tired - what a nightmare!

Now my husband is complaining about helping Sam learn to wipe his butt and saying that if the surgery gets F'ed up I will be wiping his butt for the rest of his life. My migraine is getting worse as I type.

Soon it will be time to pick up Aaron - then we can watch Ben 10 cartoons! YEAH! Thank you Brittany for the Netflix subscription!! It rocks and they were super fast!

Anywho, going to take some Advil - it doesn't really help but takes my pain number down by 1 or 2 - at this point any relief is appreciated.

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  1. sweetie, I have one word for you. Congressman. If the VA keeps giving you the run around call your Congressman. I have seen it work before.


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