Friday, June 24, 2011

{He's 10!!}

My little boy is 10!! When did that happen and how could I have let it happen!! Time sure has gotten away from me and I don't like it one bit!

He's growing into a fine young man and is so kind and caring. I just love him to bits and as much as I want him to grow up I am finding myself a bit sad that he's growing too fast for my liking.

We had a small get together for his birthday, it started with Aaron helping me bake his cake and whip up what was to be some red frosting, but turned out pink. Aaron was ok with it in the end because he said it looked like a fuzzy pink monster. We took Aaron to the book store so he could pick out whatever book he wanted for his birthday present since he is enjoying reading so much. Next month we are going to take him to Wahooz as our big birthday present to him.

Aaron had a great time and was so happy that his Grandma and Grandpa Hyde made it over. We weren't sure they were going to come.

MJ was playing with the "sparkles" on my shirt

Ruth was having a bad day - but it got better

the Fuzzy pink monster cake

The candles around the "10" were "trick" candles - it was fun to watch Aaron blow them out

eatin' some cake & ice cream

my favorite image of the day

Grandpa & Grandma Hyde w/the grandkids

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