Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Below are images taken with my "work horse" aka the "point n' shoot" of our visit out to see my new niece, Abbi, who by the way, is just a cutie pie!! and of our visit with my dad and Kitty (who is Gary's mom).

Everytime I use my work horse I am amazed at what it can do and realizing it's limitations but over all I am super happy with it.

I captured some sweet moments at Gary and Jasmine's of the kids and of Abbi. On our way home I captured some stunning clouds in the sky, when they call it a point and shoot they are not kidding, I just pointed and clicked without even looking and viola!

When we got home Dad was there mowing the yard, I love that he does it for us! Half way thru he went and got Kitty from home and while he finished up the yard we had a great visit and I made some yummy banana bread and a batch of chocolate muffins. I even made dad's favorites - spicy chocolate! He was in heaven.

We had a wonderful visit with them and were sad to see them go.  Even though they live close it seems we don't get to see them as often as we should.

Enjoy the "snaps" from our day!

Here is a good example of what I would like to have more control over - exposure and lag time in low light

Gary is now a face shifting alien

"Hey lady, Quit taking my picture!"

one of my favorites of Ruth holding Abbi

Abbi's cute little feet

I'm not gonna pose for you - I'm gonna hit you with this squishy ball!

dancin' Kyra

view from the front window

view from the side window

seriously stunning day!

dad fixin' something

our back yard as seen from the back door

patio to the side, garden at the back corner, shed and then behind the cherry tree in the corner are grapes

kids helping grandpa - Toby coming home

Sam holding Sorry

MJ and her new shiny red toy

Ruth was showing Grandma Kitty how to play "Angry Birds"

Here try my Apple

Just kiddin' - I'm not sharing it!

Grandpa was giggling while Ruth played

William was showing the boys how to play the star trek game

they were fascinated or should I say enthralled 

the many faces of my hubby!

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