Wednesday, June 15, 2011

{Vacation: Day 2: part 2}

After we got back from our short jaunt on the beach we had lunch and waited for Aunt Mildred to come. As soon as she pulled in MJ wanted to jump from my arms to hers - they were instant friends. The other kids pulled themselves away from playing to say hello to Aunt Mildred but were gone almost as fast as they came down.

MJ and I had a great visit with Mildred though, it was great to catch up since the last time I had seen her Ruth was just about as old as MJ is now. So it's been awhile.

We had a nice little visit before Aunt Mildred had to go to her appointment  and we had to head out to my sisters. I wish the visit could have been longer but it was a good visit and wonderful to catch up with one of my favorite Aunts.

Aunt Mildred and MJ are fast friends

MJ just loved to cuddle with Aunt Mildred

It was hard to pry them apart when Aunt Mildred had to go

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  1. I'm behind on my blog reading since my computer is still down. I like seeing all your vacation pics. This post with Aunt Mildred is especially sweet!

    ~moody~ google is being stupid to me too!


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