Sunday, June 12, 2011

{Vacation: Day 1: part 1}

We crashed at my Mom's place before we headed to the coast, which was a good thing because I think driving strait thru would have killed me since MJ had kept me up super late the night before. So we left my mom's place early and got to the coast by 11 am.

We had decided to rent a beach house overlooking a beautiful stretch of Seal Rock Beach. It was actually cheaper to rent a beach house then to get a hotel room for the same days. The beach house cost the same for 1 person as it did for our little family of 6.

Once we got the keys we headed to the house and it was worth every penny! It was 2 levels, the first level having the kitchen, a livingroom and all 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms and large windows showcasing a beautiful view of the ocean and beach! There was a deck that came off the diningroom and it was AMAZING! It was grey when we got there but not cold or rainy.

We unpacked and the kids explored the house, the 2nd level had a play room full of toys and games and this is where we spent alot of our time between visits with family. It was soo relaxing and perfect!

((just so you know you don't have to have a fancy camera to capture great images and wonderful memories of your family - all the pictures and video from my trip were taken with my little cannon point n' shoot))

view from the deck

Flower in the planter on the deck

hens and chicks in the planter on deck

Sam watching me take an insane amount of pictures in the planter box - he thinks I am insane

having a snack on the deck

Upstairs in the playroom, William working on a 3D star wars puzzle

Me and MJ upstairs

MJ taking a quick nap after her lunch

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