Tuesday, June 21, 2011

{Meeting Abbi}

On Thursday we got to meet Abbi, she had just turned 1 week old and was so teeny weenie and felt as though she weighed nothing, (well compared to Myrna she felt like nothing, then again Myrna is almost 8 months).

It was great to catch up and see how Gary and Jasmine were doing and even more great was getting to coo over Abbi. Kyra is a good big sister and helps her mommy by getting diapers when Abbi needs changed and "helps" with laundry, (mind you Kyra is only 18 months).

I remember taking care of Gary when he was little and now he has a little one of his own. Gosh I feel OLD and with time just zipping by it's no wonder I feel old when my oldest just turned 10 and my youngest is getting closer and closer to being a year old!

Below are some snaps I took with my "big girl" aka "professional" camera. I also took some pictures with my "work horse" aka "the point n' shoot" but those will be in another post.

big yawn

Ruth, Aaron & MJ all in a row

she was just soo tiny

All the cousins (except Abbi - she was being fed)

Sam enjoyed being able to hold Abbi

Mama and Abbi

this was one of my faves

isn't she just a cutie pie!

wide awake

Jasmine and her girls!

Uncle Gary and his niece

MJ was fascinated with his beard

I just love her smile!

Gary and his Abbi

This was my fave of him and Abbi

William and Gary having a great convo

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