Tuesday, June 14, 2011

{Vacation: Day 2: part 1}

On Day 2 of our vacation we went to enjoy the beach for a short while. It was a bit windy and a tad cooler then we were prepared for but the kids found some wonderful treasures and loved running up and down the beach.

When it became too cold we headed to check out the view point overlooking William's Beach (aka Seal Rock Beach). We call it William's beach because he grew up across from it and he and I have wondered it's shores many times. We both have fond memories of this beach.

The kids just thought it was cool and when the weather got a bit warmer I told them we would go there before our vacation was up. They came home with lots of treasures. Even thought it was a bit cloudy and chilly, the view was stunning!

The boys running to get their feet wet

wait for me guys

They all got their feet a bit wet in the ocean

brr it's cold

look what I found

I'm glad I got a picture of the crab shell because it didn't make it home before breaking all to bits

at the view point overlooking "Daddy's Beach"

All my kids at the view point

isn't it just stunning!

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