Sunday, June 19, 2011

{Vacation: Day 3: part 3}

After the visit with my Mom we went to go meet William's Mom at Red Lobster in Newport for dinner. It was nice to catch up and the kids really enjoyed hanging out with her and they loved the fact that she let them take pictures with her camera.

After dinner we went down to the beach and let the kids run and play, by that time MJ had crashed and was asleep in her carseat. The boys got super soaked after being told they were to stay out of the cold ocean but they are kids and what kid is going to resist the call of the ocean?

Overall it was a nice visit. We had hoped she would want to come to our place and have a nice dinner there but overall I think our visit went well. I know the kids had fun getting to know their grandma Eva again and it was her first time seeing MJ.

After our visit we went home and watched the final movie, "Narnia: The Dawn Trader" before heading to bed.

eating at Red Lobster

MJ & Grandma having a conversation

but I want to grab sissy's hair

Grandma and her grandkids

take a picture of the flag on my shirt

hey don't forget mine.

at the beach - MJ was already asleep in her carseat by this time

throw the rock and watch it break into pieces

working on getting soaked

Everyone including me (see my shadow)

they were all wet by this time - Ruth a little less then the boys but all still wet

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