Monday, June 20, 2011

{Vacation: Day 4: The Way Home}

Soon it was time for us to go home. We packed up the car, made sure we had everything and then we went to drop off the keys. Soon we were off on our way back home. We followed HWY 101 up thru Depot Bay and Lincoln City and connecting with the Freeway to home.

We stopped for a bit to show the kids the waves crashing in Depot Bay and then we were off to Lincoln City to hit one of my favorite bakeries for a quick snack for the long road before hitting Dundee for Gas. We also stopped in Multnoma Falls for a bit to show the kids the awesomeness of mother nature!

We saw some beautiful countryside as well as a couple recycled sculptures and way too many windmills that when all grouped together are a tad on the creepy side. The sun shone bright and warm and was very welcomed on our drive home.

While stopped for Gas and a potty break in Dundee, Sam thought it was a good idea to pull out his very loose tooth. Ruth was commenting on "how much blood" there was and Aaron was like "that's soo cool" and all William and I could do is giggle at the kids and all their comments.

We stopped at the view point on cabbage hill, marveling at the almost neon green of the rolling hills and while at a rest stop we saw the biggest raven ever who seemed enthralled with us, or maybe he was hoping we would throw him some food, who knows.

Soon it was getting dark and the kids fell asleep and 14.5 hours after leaving the beach house we made it home where my dad was waiting. He "House sat" for us and took care of our animals while we were away. As soon as we got in the house the cats were at our feet and the dog was whimpering with excitement.

We drove over 1200 miles this trip and even though it was long it was sooo worth it. We will defiantly do it again!

Depot Bay

all of us in front of Depot Bay

All my babies

Me and hubby

Depot Bay

The lone tree you will see when coming into Lincoln City

Recycled Art Work

Wooly Mammoth 

Horse and girl

Lost tooth

New Smile in Dundee

in the car in Dundee

Ruth in Dundee

Aaron in Dundee

view of MJ in her mirror

leaving Portland 

view from the car

Multnomah Creek

Multnomah Falls

Family in front of  Multnomah Falls

leaving the Falls

view from car

the windmills look a bit creepy when grouped together like this

view going up "cabbage hill"

taken at the "view point" on cabbage hill

Me & MJ

the neon green rolling hills on cabbage hill

William, MJ & me

The raven at "Dead man Pass" rest stop

The sun setting on our trip

and thus our trip ends

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