Monday, June 13, 2011

{Vacation: Day 1: part 2}

My mom and brother came and visited us for a short time, (it would have been longer but my mom loves to make stops and visit with everyone she can while in the area so we only got a few hours with them).

We went out to eat at Rouge Brewery and although the food wasn't great and highly overpriced, spending time with my family sure was AMAZING. I had a blast catching up and enjoying their company.

When I saw my brother I couldn't believe how grown up he looked, but just because he looks grown up doesn't mean he is. He is still the cooky, strange guy I remember from my childhood and I love it!

After our visit we were tired and wound up curled up on the upstairs couch with the kids and watched "Narnia: The lion, The witch and The wardrobe" and then headed off to bed.

a bewildered Trent

Mom & Aaron playing with the talking globe - trying to figure out answers to it's questions

Me & Trent - I really miss hanging out with him

MJ meeting Trent for the first time

Trent and his nieces and nephews

The kids enjoying the visit

figuring out where we were to eat

at dinner 

Daddy sharing his rootbeer float (the only part of my meal that was good was the rootbeer)

We are a family of picture takers

playing with Mommy's phone

This is where we ate at

Saying good bye

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