Friday, June 17, 2011

{Vacation: Day 3: part 1}

The next morning I took Aaron, Sam & Ruth down to "Daddy's Beach". William stayed at the house with MJ because the path to that beach is steep and at the end you have to crawl over lots of driftwood and tons of unsteady rocks before getting to the actual sandy beach.

The kids had a great time and asked me tons of questions about William's beach, like "Are there werewolves hiding in the forest?" of course I told them not to worry about them because "Daddy is a vampire and werewolves don't like to be around vampires" which got even more questions thrown at me.

When we finally got down to the actual beach, we started searching out the sea life. We saw seagulls, sea anemones, starfish, little baby rock fish, muscles, a sea lion and a few hermit crabs. We even saw some sea birds high on the rocks.

We watched the waves crash against the rocks as we tried not to slip on seaweed into the tide pools. The kids got to touch the bright tentacles of sea anemones and the squishy yet bumpy surface of star fish and they even got to hold a hermit crab while watching the fish dart in and out of crevices of the tide pools.

taken right before we went down the trail to the beach

Check out my butterfly shell mom!

sea anemone underwater

feeling the sea life

the sea anemones don't sting - they feel squishy and sticky

sea lion out on a distant rock

hermit crab

popping out!

being silly

sea weed

birds on rock

view from the tide pools out to the ocean

star fish & a closed anemone 

Us down on "daddy's beach"

a cluster of sea stars

The starfish!

What does he feel like?

squishy but bumpy and hard all at the same time

sea weed stuck to a muscle 

carrying the treasures home

walking to the car

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