Thursday, June 16, 2011

{Vacation: Day 2: part 3}

After visiting with my Aunt Mildred we headed out towards Eugene to visit my sister. I wanted to catch up with her but also wanted to take her maternity pictures because she was due any day.

It took a little over 2 hours to get to her house but it was a beautiful drive. When we finally made it to her house we took the kids to play at the little playground near her apartment. The kids played for a bit but soon discovered the little acorns scattered about and started collecting them to bring home as treasures from our visit.

I brought some chicken and salad for dinner which turned out great and we had just enough for everyone to have what they wanted. After dinner I took Tanis & Isaiah out to do some maternity shots outdoors and then we headed in to my makeshift studio for some indoor pictures (these pictures were taken with my "professional" camera and haven't been edited yet - all the pictures on this trip were taken with my point n' shoot camera - it did an amazing job!)

It was great to catch up and I am glad that I got to take her maternity pictures because on June 11th her water broke and she had little Noah on the 12th!! Pictures to come when they are sent to me.

William and Isaiah had a great conversation that I hated to break up. I wish we could have stayed longer but we did have a 2 hour drive back to the beach house and it was already almost 10 at night.

Me and my sis

Tanis seeing MJ for the first time

MJ just loved her Aunt Tanis

trying to get us all in the self picture

I finally did it!

Aunt Tanis, Uncle Isaiah & Baby MJ

My very pregnant Sis texting

isn't she just adorable! only a few days after this was taken she had baby Noah!

Aunt Tanis and Ruthie

William and Isaiah in a gripping conversation

I hated to break it up but we just had to leave

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