Tuesday, January 1, 2008

{Resolutions = GOALS 2008}

I like many have decided to make some new year's resoutions but really they are my GOALS in my life and I would love to get it all done this year - if possible and I can stick with it.


* I want to lose between 2-5 lbs every week this year (72-180 lbs for the year)

* I want to quit eating after 7pm (this could be hard to do, but really when I eat late it's not becuse I am hungry but bored and I need to not eat just because it's there)

* I want to eat on a more regular basis (ya know 5-6 times of lite meals per day not 1 or 2 LARGE meals during the day) Definatly making a consious effort to eat breakfast in the mornings.

* Exercise every morning for at least 20 minuets doing either YOGA or my BIG FAT LOSER video. I have all the stuff to work out now I just need to start using it!


* I want to set up new routines that will make our family more happier when we are together.

* I want to have a DATE night with my hubby again - so this means finding a sitter for an evening a week so we can work on us once a week. We don't have to spend money just being together without the kids for an evening so we can talk uninterupted is great too.

* I want to set up a tenetive schedule of how our days should run so that I don't feel like such a head-less chicken. If we know whats happening next it will help our moods and make us all happier. There will be room for spontanity - it wont be set in stone but it will be a nice guideline. Ya know schedule Bath time, Reading time, Homework time, Family time, cooking and so on.

* I need to talk with hubby about setting up some time where we both have our own ALONE time by ourselves so we can regroup/refresh ourselves from our day - yes, we are both home with the kids and we need our space too - it doesn't have to long maybe just 15 minuets to just relax and decompress.

* I want us to have a vacation every year - something that lasts more then a few days and everyone has a great time. So we will have to start conciously saving for it.


* I am going to start doing the baby steps that DAVE RAMSEY has set up on his system of being Debt Free. I really do think his ideas will help us be where we want to be in a year.

* After hubby's surgery I am going to look into getting a part time job - something in the evenings/graveyard shifts so that I won't have to get a sitter while I am at work.

* Pay for things with what we have in our bank account - Don't get sucked into the whole credit card thing again. (we have been doing great with this but I like to keep it there to remind ourselves that Credit Cards are not the way to get the things you want - Saving for it is waaay better then buying it now 'cause you want it now - not because you need it now)

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