Saturday, January 26, 2008

{Getting Ready}

Tomorrow we leave for Washington. William's surgery will be on Monday at 11 am. I am almost all the way ready still have a few things to get done but they can wait until tomorrow morning - well they have to wait until tomorrow.

My Aunt Mary and Uncle Mike are AWESOME!! Mary gave me the name of the Relief society president and I got ahold of her and she got some wonderful ladies together for me to watch the kids during William's hospital stay. A huge load off my mind for sure. I had reserved a hotel in Lakewood and found out they didn't have a room on the lower floor and no elevator so I canceled that reservation. Canceled the reservation at the Military Hotel because they couldn't guarantee the room we needed now that we had the kids with us. BUT I did find a great hotel in Tacoma that is only about 7-15 min from Ft. Lewis (depending on traffic) for 1/2 of what they wanted at the first hotel I reserved!! It's still a lot for a hotel room I am only going to be using mostly for sleeping the first 3 But if we have to go into more debt at least this is a good reason to.

Guess what! I got the wedding job in July!! I am super excited!! If I need to, I do have a sitter in Albany already from when I lived there before for the kids - that's where the wedding is going to be! How exciting!

You know what I found out from this whole experience - The kindness of strangers during this ordeal has shown me how much God loves us. William said "Even strangers want to help us - what's wrong with my Mom that she can't help us?" Do you know she text-ed him on his cell phone to call her this morning! how lame - he called her because he is such a nice person but told her he didn't want to see her and they would have to see where things would be after his surgery.

I want to say Thank you to all of you who have been so kind and wonderful to me and my family during this time - and all the other crazy times in my life too. You all are what keep me going thru this and help keep my sanity in place (with momentary lapses of insanity!). God does work in mysterious ways and has shown me his love thru all of your kindness. Thank you all!!

I am going to be leaving tomorrow and won't be back until the night of the 7th. Our room will have wireless internet so I am taking my apple with me so I can hop online and update you all. I am also taking William's laptop so we can watch netflix movies online!! lol (my apple isn't compatible with that just yet - the end of the year it should be though!)

BIG HUGS!! keep us in your thoughts and prayers - believe me we can use all the help we can get!!

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  1. My prayers are with you! If I would've known you would be leaving I would've sent your swap package earlier. :( Thank you for putting together mine in this very trying time! Can't wait to get it...


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