Thursday, January 31, 2008

{Today's Update}

When I went to go see William today he looked great and I thought for sure he would be able to get out of there - I know he was going stir crazy in there with out me there 24/7. But about 30 min after getting his pain medication he started throwing up bad and he's not supposed to do that - it causes pressure on his brain and that's not good. They gave him some nausea medication and then took him to get a CAT scan and the way there and the way back he dry heaved (which is worse then actually throwing up and puts more pressure on the brain). Why they just didn't take his whole bed there and back is beyond me, instead they had him get up and sit in a wheel chair (the pain in his head triggered his nausea and it was worse when he was upright). I just felt so bad for him. I know he was in a lot of pain. When he got back they put him on an IV because they think he was dehydrated (I knew he was because when I was there he didn't drink much and I thought it odd they took him off the IV less then 24 hours after his surgery and I am not a doctor or nurse). Anyways he was finally sleeping when I left - some much needed sleep.

I don't like the care he is receiving on the floor he's on. When in ICU if he pushed a button for a nurse there was one right there, and if he didn't he got checked on 2 times an hour. Now if he pushes a button he only gets a nurse right away (meaning 10 or more minuets) if he says he's in pain. Today it took several calls over a 2 hours period to get a nurse to fix his compression thing on his leg (it wasn't working) and the nurse only came because he said his head hurt. I do know that if he were in a civilian hospital he would be better taken care of by his nurses and I would be kept in the loop about what was going on. I just called not to long ago to see how he was doing and they "didn't know". Seriously, what kind of nurses station doesn't know what's happening to a patient on their floor? I am getting annoyed with the lack of care with his nursing staff - I don't expect to see his doctor there 24/7 but I do expect nurses to come when called - what if he was dying, if he didn't mention it they would wait until they got around to it.

Sorry about the rant but it's driving me crazy that I can't see him more and I know he's not being taken care of properly - it's always excuses with them and I hate excuses - just take responsibility and make it better! I also know I am tired of the kids whining and not listening to me, I know it's because they are in a strange place being bounced from place to place and miss seeing me and their dad and I am sure their feeling my own anxiety about not being near my hubby.

I hope everyone else is doing well this week. Don't forget LOST is coming on tonight and it's the season premier - which is a two parter (tonight and tomorrow night). I got a call from William - he's watching SMALLVILLE - it's a new one tonight and he thought he would miss it. He said he is feeling better and hopes to be home tomorrow (well our hotel room).

I will keep ya'll updated on his progress and my own mental sanity. As a side note one of my good photographer friends is going to watch the kids for me tomorrow. She lives in Renton. I can't wait to meet her (her and my daughter share the same first name!!).

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