Monday, January 28, 2008

{Surgery Today}

Today is the day of the surgery. We are just getting ready to take the kids to Claira's. I woke up to snow covered ground, knowing there is ice underneath. I am going to have to drive very carefully today. I also talked to my mom, she is bringing up a tv with connections for the red,yellow & white cables that come with our dvd player and wii. The tv in the hotel room is very old and not compatible with our stuff. I will take a few pictures before we leave of the snow out our window and then I will work them over tonight if I have time and post them.

I will keep you all posted. Thank you all for your wonderful support during this time. It's been a very stressful time to say the least. BIG HUGS to you all!!

1 comment:

  1. Arya!

    I will be keeping your family in my thoughts!

    Keep us updated!
    If you need anything im N of Seattle but dont hesitate to ask!


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