Wednesday, January 23, 2008

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Well, we had William's pre-op appointment yesterday and it went waaay longer then we expected and we didn't get a time for his surgery, we just got the day and know that it will be in the afternoon sometime. Ya know if it were a civilian hospital we would know the time of the surgery and how long it will but that's ok. We did find out that the surgery is going to be more difficult then they originally thought and there are more things that can go wrong on top of death, stroke, coma, severe brain damage and being a vegetable there now includes blindness, seizures for the rest of his life and paralysis of one side of his body. Lovely huh?

I went in to apologize in person today at the kids school and broke into tears. I didn't mean to either it just happened - I am becoming one of those sappy women who cries at the drop of a hat since yesterday's great news. They totally understood my sanity snapping and don't hold it against me but I still feel embarrassed I let it happen. I was like one of those ladies you just feel sorry for who just go insane and rant at everyone and look like they belong in an insane asylum. It was just ugly. Afterwards I got to talk to Sam's teacher and got his homework packet - she is such a doll and will miss Sam. I also got to talk to Aaron's teacher and he will bring home his homework packet on Friday. She is sad too that he won't be in class and worries he will forget his routine and it will take a while for him to remember the routine again, but really he's only 6 so does it really matter? Not really.

We went to target today to pick up a few things for the kids for our stay up in Washington. Ya know, playdough and coloring books and such. I also picked up a few books for Aaron to practice his reading with. I will go to Wally world tomorrow sometime and finish up the shopping I need to do before we go - pick up those odds and ends and what have you to make the stay in the hotel more bearable.

I still have to clean up the house really good so that it's not a mess when we come back - oh the joys of being a mom & wife. I clean and they mess it up - lol I wish I could just pack them away until it was time to go so that my work wouldn't be ruined in 10 min., but alas they would starve and whine the entire time making me more

Anywho dinner is almost done - I cheated and threw one of those frozen lasagna's that Stouffer's makes in the oven - quick and easy dinner and virtually no clean up. Gotta cheat when I can to make it a little easier on myself this week right?

Oh, yeah and I got a letter from my brother and one of the lines in his letter got me to blubbering like a big boob...

"....We all know however, how strong William is and we know it'll take more than brain surgery to stop him..."

William asked me who the letter was from and then said "Are you crying? Seriously your such a baby sometimes...haha"

Well I hope you all are having a great day and week and will keep you posted. Please remember that I will probably not be here from Jan. 27th thru Feb. 7th because I probably won't have internet access.

Later all!

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