Saturday, January 5, 2008

{The Full Body Project}

WARNING: Nudity of BBW

Oh my goodness! I was up later then I should have been and found that british talk show guy (ya know the one with the black hair on super late!) Any who he had Leonard Nimoy on his show (ya know the guy who played SPOCK in the original Star Trek) and he was promoting this AWESOME book called "The Full Body Project" which is about these beautiful full figured women and the wonderful shapes of their bodies. As a photographer I had to know more and as a "fluffy" gal myself I wanted to see how tasteful it was done. I was blown away and now I am searching to find this book - I want it in my library.


Where you can find more info on Nimoy's exibit and book found by CLICKING HERE


In his provocative new book, photographer and actor Leonard Nimoy captures images of full-bodied women, some of whom are involved in what is known as the "fat acceptance"movement. "The average American woman,"Nimoy writes, "weighs 25 percent more than the models selling the clothes. There is a huge industry built up around selling women ways to get their bodies closer to the fantasy ideal. Pills, diets, surgery, workout programs. . . . The message is You don't look right. If you buy our product, you can get there."

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