Friday, January 11, 2008

{They Now Have Names}

Our Gerbils now have names and I am Sorry to tell all of you who wanted Ebony & Ivory that those were not chosen. The kids, William and I decided on Shadow of Death for the girl and Stewart of Evil for the boy. As you can see I really had no say in what they were named and that the guys have too much D&D on the brain - maybe we should have named them pinky and the brain? lol

So now Shadow and Stewart - Hey Des, they both start with the letter "S" - are planning on a family (it's been an educational experience for the kid, believe me I have fielded their questions about "why are they fighting that way?" and "Why is Stewart jumping on Shadow like that?" too many times) William of course thinks it's hilarious!

Good news is they finally started using the water bottle - I thought for sure they were going to die of thirst soon because I hadn't seen them use it. But today I saw Shadow drinking and Stewart was trying to "jump" her...Crazy!

I got my clients order today and it had the valentines for the kids in it. They turned out great! I am really happy about the look of them. My poor plant that William got me for my birthday is dying and I still haven't figured out why. Maybe it was too soon that I transplanted it to a bigger planter. probably put it into shock or something. Hey Robbie, maybe you should come over and see what I am doing wrong. My other plants are doing fine - but they are super easy plants - although I used to have a green thumb I wonder why it's turning brown now!

I went to Rice Studio Supply today to get some portrait boxes for an order that I need to deliver tomorrow or Sunday. I have a face to face with a potential client the friday before William's surgery about doing their wedding in July...I can plan out that far just not in February or March right now. I may have a family session/wedding session the Saturday before the surgery - still not sure about that yet, it's for a lady at church. Finally I am getting some good buzz going around at church - if it gets going like wild fire I would be set for the year. (wouldn't that be nice)

My neighbor is going to watch the boys when we go to William's pre-op apt. It's going to cost about $50 but it's going to be worth it so the boys go to their class and I don't have to hear over them while at the appointment. I am glad she can do it for me. It's a blessing for me she's not over booked with kids right now.

Anywho, just thought I would keep ya'll up to date...seems I have been a bit outta it for the past few weeks. Been busy with errands that need to be done before the surgery. We got William's living will and his regular will up to date and I got mine done too. He also got his new military card - I still have to go get mine - forgot my ID when we went last time - it was early and I was super tired. I got my books ordered today - it's been a project in the works for a few months and now it's finally done and all ordered. I should get them in 10-12 days. I can't wait!

William is at his weekly D&D game. He's been happier since he found a game that actually meets at a regular time and they rarely cancel. He took pizza and soda with him tonight - it was his turn. They were stoked - usually it's just chips and soda and now they actually get to be full on something other then mostly junk...haha.

Well I better go - the kids are still up and driving me crazy. Ruth is in one of her moods and the boys won't listen. These are the times I wonder why I punished myself in this manner but then realize it's the good days that make it all worth wild - although during these times I don't see it as easily as I do during those rare good

Night All!!

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