Tuesday, January 15, 2008

{Field Trip}

I went to be a volunteer for Sam's class. They went to go see Lilly's purple plastic purse a very cute play about a mouse - it was adapted from a children's book by Kevin Henkes. The kids had read it the week before and they were all super excited to see it. I didn't get many pictures because I wasn't allowed to photograph while the play was going - kinda a bummer too because it was colorful and we were right up close! But I understand why we couldn't - don't want people with flash photography ruining your play. I don't use a flash for that sort of stuff...lol Any who below is a the book. A very cute story and one every child should read or have read to them. Lots of good lessons. I am going to volunteer for Aaron's class tomorrow - it will be fun and exciting I am sure - he's excited for me to be there too.


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