Sunday, January 20, 2008

{MIL is Rotten}

I knew this was going to happen! We gave her plenty of time and told her the dates we needed her for and she said she could do it and I prayed that she would be a decent person and do what she said she would but NOOOO she has to be a sucky jerky person and flake out for part of the time!!

My mother in law decided she is not going to watch the kids the whole time William and I are going to be up at Ft. Lewis! She calls us tonight - a week before William's surgery - to tell us she is only going to be able to watch the kids from the 27th to the 4th! We have to be there until the 7th! Now I have to figure something else out - becuase if she can't watch them the whole time then really what the hell is the point of her watching them at all? Am I supposed to come back and get the kids and then go all the way back up there when William is supposed to be there the whole time and not leave? I can't just leave him alone up there! I guess I will just have to bring the whole brood up with me - I don't even know how to keep them entertained up in a hotel for 10 days - There really is no place to take the kids up there that doesn't cost money. So Now Aaron and Sam will miss 10 days of school!

This is the last time I put my faith in some one who says they are going to do something that is important and then backs out at the last minuet!

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