Wednesday, January 30, 2008


We moved out of the hotel and into a place on base - it's bigger and nicer then the hotel we were staying in, which is nice. I had the kids until about 1pm and then took them to Another Erin's home. She was such a sweetheart.

When I got in to see William, his eye was swollen shut and every time he moved he would get nauseous. The physical therapist came in and tried to get him to walk but it ended in him not getting off the bed and throwing up. He won't be getting out of bed until tomorrow. So if you can guess he is still at the hospital - which is good for him because the longer he's there the less likely he will have something go wrong when he finally does get out. As a side note he didn't have his bandage on his head and his incision looks great - he is going to have a cool scar for sure (which is what he wanted).

When I went to go pick up the kids they were kinda crazy and Aaron especially started throwing a huge fit after breaking a toy and just had a complete melt down on me! This is why I was hoping to be here alone tending to William without screaming, temper-tantrum throwing, screaming, not listening to a word I say - KIDS. This trip has defiantly sealed my MIL at the top of my BAD list. She won't be coming to our home anytime soon that's for darn sure!

I did get ahold of one more person to watch the kids tomorrow while I go and see if William will be released or not. I would love to see him more but I can't really take the kids to the hospital because they just can't seem to behave well.

Anywho, we need to go get some dinner. Ruth just woke up. I will keep everyone updated on the progress.


  1. So glad it is over. My prayers will continue to be with you through his recovery. Check out my blog, I got your wonderful package. ;)

  2. Hey Arya our prayers are with you and your husband as he recovers! I am sorry you had to take ur kids with could drive them to Canada I will watch them for you :) Or you could just ship them in a box with a few airholes but please don't feed them! :)

    May the Lord bless you and be with you and your hubby at this crucial time! God Bless!


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