Tuesday, January 29, 2008

{Another Update}

Well all that snow we had yesterday morning was gone totally this morning. William is doing good but now is sporting one black eye on the side they did his surgery. (the doc said it would be black & blue and probably his whole face so I was glad to see it wasn't too bad) By the end of the day they had moved William out of the ICU and up to the 7th floor in a room with a great view - we watched the fog roll in and big flakes of snow flurry down to the almost non-visible parking lot. Soon though William was asleep (he slept most of the time I was there) I wasn't upset about it and actually had to tell him to not stay awake just because I was there. He is in such great spirits. He's wire-free, no tubes or whatnot hanging off him - he said his back and leg and arm don't feel as weak as they did before, not sure if it was the pain meds or if it's because of the aneurysm being clipped. We will find out once they get him up and moving around.

The kids had fun at Kim's house and then again at Erin's house. While at the hospital I met William's advocate and when he found out we were in Tacoma and not on base he got us into a place that has a bigger room (a sleeping room and a living space too) at the Fisher house. This will be a great asset when William is out of the hospital. They are talking about letting him out tomorrow but I am hoping they keep him in until at least Thursday because I think he needs the extra day of recoup time before dealing with the rowdy kids...lol

I want to say Thank you to everyone who has sent well wishes our way...I know it's all those good vibes that really helped him pull thru the surgery and kept me sane. Thank you bunches!!

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