Sunday, January 27, 2008

{We're here}

We are here in the hotel, trying to relax before William's surgery tomorrow. The kids were driving us crazy because they had lots of pent up energy from the very long drive. They will have a better day tomorrow because they will be able to play and have fun at Claira's (a great sister in the ward out here that offered to watch the kids while William has his surgery!). Over the phone she was such a sweetheart.

We went and had dinner at my Aunt & Uncle's. We had a great time and William got a blessing - he didn't care if he got one but he did it for me.

My mom should be here tomorrow if the roads are clear & good to be with me during William's surgery. I am glad because I thought I was going to be there all alone in the waiting room.

I will keep you all updated....I love that the hotel has internet - I brought my apple with me. It's great that my computer is easy to move around - it's just a monitor, keyboard & mouse and doesn't take up much room.

Anywho, Off to bed I go we got to get up early...Night all!

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