Saturday, May 15, 2010

{Can you hear me?!?!}

This post contains TMI about womanly issues and may not be suitable for most GUYS sensibilities 

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I am going to get a new ob doc - my current one doesn't listen to me at all. I am taking a vaginal progesterone suppository and have been complaining at each doc appointment about how my headaches are getting worse and worse, (more unbearable then I remember with my other kids), and that my vision has been blurring so sometimes all I see is fuzzy outlines of things. I have been super itchy "down below" and all the doc has told me is I can't take anything but tylenol and I probably have a yeast infection.

SERIOUSLY! that's all I get is a fast diagnoses and being told that I have to stay on the progesterone until I am 36 weeks! I decided after my last appointment that I would look into the side effects of the progesterone and guess what? My blurred vision, itchiness and migraines are all side effects of taking the progesterone as well as tiredness and dizziness. NO WHERE does it say that it's safe to take for up to 36 weeks - the longest  I have heard of anyone taking it was 16 weeks!! How perturbed do you think I was after seeing that!

Have I mentioned that he has put gestational diabetes in my chart and has been hounding me to go to a diabetes specialist and nutritionist - mind you that ALL my test results including my A1C blood test came back as NORMAL (as in 5.8 was my level & my average glucose level for 3 months was 120). 

Now, mind you with Ruth I failed the one hour glucose test and was never brought back to do the three hour test and was told that I had gestational diabetes with her but everything was fine and my blood sugars were always under 120 when I tested 4-6 times during the day and I was never put on medicine and Ruth was fine after delivery. 

I explained all that to my new doc and he just dismissed it as well as the fact that my menstrual cycle is 27 days and not the normal 28 days and he put down that my due date was November 10th even though the ultrasound confirmed my 27 day cycle and that I was due November 9th (which that is the date I am going by because it's right and was confirmed by the ultrasound)

I know he has issues with my weight and makes little comments every time I go in about how much weight I have - not once does he mention the fact that I have been losing weight. He really seems only focused on my weight and is just waiting for gestational diabetes to hit.

I did finally go into the diabetes specialist so he would get off my back and next week I see the nutritionist and yes, I test my glucose levels with my new accu-check avia monitor 4 times during the day, but I feel it's a waste of my time because I am doing everything I should be to have a happy healthy baby.

I am trying to find a OB doc closer to me but I may just go back to the one I was seeing before we moved out of my Uncle's place. I know it will be a longer drive but I was comfortable with him. I do have a few that I am going to call around here and hope that I can find one I like.

I have never, NEVER had this happen before. I have always had great OB docs and they have ALWAYS listened to me and never made me feel like what I was feeling was in my head.

*sigh* I am feeling a bit defeated. I mean I am paying them for good service and all I have gotten is crap and frustration. Sure they will take my money but won't make me feel like I am getting something worth what I am paying - I feel like a number.

I am also a bit annoyed that he is not taking my high risk status, (due to 5 miscarriages out of 9 pregnancies), more seriously. I was supposed to have had at least two by now and have only gotten one & I am 14.5 weeks already. The minimum number I should have during this pregnancy is four to make sure jellybean is growing and get a visual on the heartbeat.

Anyways, that's enough of my whining and's the weekend and I will be making tons of phone calls on Monday...I hope I find the right doc for me.


  1. Good for you, find a better doc! My niece had a similar situation with her last doc. It was an OB she had been going to for years and through her last (normal) preg. so she felt some sort of loyalty, but she had just had a miscarriage and was experiencing bleeding and her doc just wasn't listening. She was so happy when she found the right Dr.

  2. you are not complaining at all. You have every right to find a dr. that suits your needs - it is a right we have as americans to choose where we feel best to get medical care (hopefully that doesnt change..)

    I personally would have told that dr. off a while ago - you don't need the added stress of a jerk of a dr. along with a high risk pregnancy.

    ok - go find a good OB, and keep up with your fitness plan. It sounds like you are doing GREAT!!! I don't even know you and I am inspired to do better for myself. :)


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