Sunday, May 2, 2010

{Birthday Wishes}

On April 21st we celebrated William's birthday with a homemade cake that the kids helped me decorate. It was cute but my cakes usually end up dry because I forget they are in the oven (which happened again), so I told William we would do a big party with everyone on May 1st with a better cake, (not made by me).

It was a fun party with family and we had pizza for lunch with a side of cake & icecream. The cake was bought at the local Albertsons and they made it in the shape of a dragon. Sam's cake was gotten from the same place (you can view his "Gizmo" cake here).

Albertsons cake decorators do an awesome job and their cakes have turned out great for us. They are moist and because we get the less sweet frosting the cake is just the right sweetness. If you need a cake done for anything I would recommend them because the cakes are good & they will try and accommodate your vision for your cake.

I took in a picture of a cool cake I found online (image shown below) and they did an awesome job in recreating it.

(cake found HERE)

William had a great day and was really happy with how the cake turned out - they even put a 20 sided dice on it. I realize the cake in the image above was made using fondant but I think Albertsons did a great job with just frosting...Don't you think?



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