Friday, May 28, 2010

{Weight Loss Weigh In: Week 13}


I have been keeping up with my exercises and even though I am no longer on the progesterone, splenda is still making my headaches a horrible experience - just slightly delayed - so as of now I will no longer be having any artificial sweeteners (which I only had splenda and then only in the crystal lite I would make).

I have always had problems with most of the artificial sweeteners (the blue and pink packets) and usually within a few moments I would start getting horrific migraines, so I had already cut those out. With splenda, I never got a headache and figured it would be fine to take but you know how pregnancy magnifies any sensitivities you may have and while taking the progesterone suppositories that magnified it even more, so now splenda is out.

Who knew that plain sugar would be the key, now mind you I don't eat alot of sugar and I don't add sugar to anything unless baking something sweet. I prefer not to use sugar made from beets and prefer to use sugar made from sugar cane.  I have been on this kick lately of getting things that are organic and haven't been bleached or highly processed so now I buy organic sugar made from evaporated cane juice. It's a soft brown color and it has  a nice clean taste. Silly I know that I would say that but as I said being pregnant magnifies my senses and I can taste the difference, just like I can taste the metal in most waters but it's not present in the "Smart water" I buy. The tap has a metallic taste to it too, but I can't taste it too much if it's mixed with something else (like tea, juice or cooked).

I am going to be getting some plain tea (ya know for ice tea) and making lots of it up so that I can have it and water because I am supposed to drink way more water then I have been because they fear I could get kidney stones...*sigh*

I am really happy with my progress and I know I am making life changes that will stick with me throughout the years and I know I am being a great example for my children - which is all I can hope for.

I am looking forward to the farmers markets to open soon so that I can get some yummy fruits and vegi's at a much lower cost then at the stores and they haven't been shipped from across the country - which means they will be fresher and better for me and my family.

Remember it's small steps that will bring you to the end of a long journey - focus on the small things and soon the big things will be accomplished without you even realizing it! 

This week I haven't gained any weight but I haven't lost any either...I am at a standstill for this week. If I start gaining though I am not going to worry about it. Remember I am "with child" and I expect weight gain sometime but hope to keep it at bay for as long as possible...I just want to be healthy.

Current Weight: 291 pounds

Weight loss: - 0 pounds

Total Weight loss: 14 pounds 

Weight still to lose: 57 pounds to go

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