Thursday, May 20, 2010


I went and saw my new OB (in Ontario) and I just adore him - I should have just stayed with him instead of getting one closer! He listened to me and talked with me and when all my questions were answered he went to check for jellybean's heartbeat and he couldn't find it but his ultrasound tech was in and he had her take and look and guess what? My placenta was out front and baby was hiding in the back, but she found my little jellybean and it's heartbeat was 162 bpm!! I wasn't expecting any pictures but the tech gave me 3 pics and I just love seeing my little bean!!

Next month I go in for my anatomy ultrasound and I am super excited!! Oh and I am now officially off the progesterone! Doc says I don't need it as it was just to make sure I didn't have too low progesterone and I don't need to be on it now. YAY!!! (and no I don't have a yeast infection!!)

I do need to drink more water - lots more as my urine was too concentrated and he doesn't want me to get kidney stones.

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