Monday, May 10, 2010

{Perfect Ending}

(picture taken by B.H. as I forgot my own camera)

William, the kids and I, met a friend and his family at a local park and it was awesome! They have 2 girls about the same age as our kids and the cutest little baby boy! The girls had tons of fun with Ruth and the boys climbing all over the play structure and being pushed on the swings and all of them got dizzy while being spun on the tire swing. It was great to watch them play while I got to know their mom and her sweet little man while the guys chatted about dungeons and dragons.

The kids played so hard that by the time we were ready to go they were all pooped out and laid down in a nice little row...I know mine slept well that night & I am sure theirs did too...It was the perfect end to the perfect mother's day!

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