Friday, May 7, 2010

{Guinea Pig Love}

(found on internet searching "guinea pig Heart")

We got the kids a guinea pig. One for each one of them, so now we have three new pets and they all have their own personalities. 

Alvin, (Aaron's pig), is a bit hyper and tends to act a bit like Aaron. 

Black Bo, (Sam's pig), is quiet and shy and I notice he only trills while on my shoulder - and by the way he's not black but brown with a shaggy hair do. 

Stewart, (Ruth's pig), is jittery but is so calm in Ruth's hands. 

It's really amazing how the pigs have the similar personalities to the kids. The kids have been really good with the guinea pigs & Ruth has just fallen all in love with hers. She said "You can't give away my Stewart, I love him too much" and with that these guys have found their forever home with us.

They are all boys - so no babies to worry about and even though I am the one who will have to clean out their cage every week,  I know these little guys are going to bring alot of life into our home. Mind you the cats are fascinated and both keep trying to "attack" them thru the cage bars and I do have to get after them to "stop it!" but I am sure they will just ignore them after the newness has worn off.

Below are a few snaps I took this morning of the kids with their respective "pig". Please ignore the unkempt hair and dirty faces, apparently it's all the rage right now...

(Aaron and his guinea pig "Alvin")

(Sam & his guinea pig "Black Bo")

(Ruth and her guinea pig "Stewart")

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