Tuesday, April 13, 2010

{10 weeks}

I am not feeling very pregnant, my symptoms are fading and my regular jeans fit again - guess my bloating has gone down too. I am worried that the babe is fading and the reason I haven't miscarried is because of the progesterone. I am feeling like I am having déjà vu all over again and once I go in for my appointment on the 3rd they won't find a heartbeat like they did last summer.

Hubby thinks I am insane and moody and everything must be fine if I am irrational and a touch insane. He says because I am "all hormonal" that the babe is doing fine and growing well. His logic drives me nuts and doesn't make a lick of sense to me, but I am sure he is probably right.

I am still cramping but only mildly and I am still nauseated when it comes to certain foods but most of my other symptoms are fading away. It worries me - I am trying not to worry but it doesn't stop me from worrying when I am feeling less and less pregnant...

I am holding onto the fact that we heard a heartbeat at 8 weeks 2 days and that I got to see my little jellybean moving around. I am holding on to the fact that my little jellybean was 1 1/2 inches long and right on tract for where it should be and that most other woman (in the baby forums I am apart of) who are pregnant and as far along as I am are showing less and less pregnancy symptoms too.

Perhaps it just means my pregnancy is just fine and right on track and I am just a worry wort and insane and hormonal and just a touch crazed. I will be a day shy of 13 weeks when I go back in to see my doc. I am hoping that we will hear the heartbeat and I will get to see just how big my jellybean is growing...

Anywho, I am 10 weeks and hormonally crazed as of today. Here is what they say on planning family about my jellybeans growth:

Your baby continues to grow steadily, gaining around half an inch in the last week! Now, about the size of a kiwi fruit, your baby has reached an important developmental milestone. Week 10 is the beginning of the fetal period, in which your baby's organs rapidly mature.

This week, his kidneys, liver, heart and intestines are forming tissue. Toenails and hair begin to grow and add detail to your baby's body. Your baby's limbs are now able to flex. His wrists can bend and his hands can meet over his heart. His legs may be long enough for his feet to meet in front of his body. He will even start swallowing and kicking this week, but don't expect to feel anything yet, those movements are still too little.
By this week, your uterus is the size of a grapefruit. To put that into perspective, just a little over two months ago, before you were pregnant, it was the size of a small pear.
How cool is that. I really hope that things are right on target, but I won't know for sure until my doctor's visit. I know my fears are just that and I am trying not to worry about it too much but those little nagging doubts keep slipping in and the fact that over the course of ever trying to have a baby I have lost five...I am hoping and praying that this little jellybean stays until she/he is full term.


  1. I hope everything is okay. I started feeling much better at 10 wks, so hopefully your just getting past the morning sickness now too.

  2. I really think you should call your doc, tell him you're concerned and want a heartbeat check. I don't think you should wait until the 3rd that's too long to worry. Wouldn't you just rather be labeled a worry wart by the doc than drive yourself crazy for the next 3 weeks?


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