Thursday, April 8, 2010

{Homeschooling here we come!}

I got a wonderful call during Aaron's parent teacher conference (PTC) letting me know the boys have been approved and accepted into Idaho Virtual Academy (IVA)!! You have no idea how much that has made my day & made Aaron's PTC alot more bearable.

Let me explain:

I took Sam & Aaron to school like I do every morning, both were happy and in good spirits. I get a call about an hour after I drop them off letting me know that Sam is throwing up in the nurses office and I need to get him. No big deal as today was a half day anyways. When I picked up Sam he was just dandy and not looking ill at all, we think it was due to "breakfast pizza" and the combination with the chocolate milk he had for breakfast at school.

So when I went in to pick up Aaron from school I couldn't take him home because I had to do Sam's PTC first and then was to do Aaron's afterwards. Sam's PTC went well and his teacher had nothing but good things to say but we did go over some of the things Sam needed to work on. Overall it was a good PTC and I was satisfied when it ended.

Now on to Aaron's, which started 12 minuets late from the scheduled time. I wasn't too terribly concerned about it just a bit annoyed. We finally get into the PTC with Aaron's teacher and there is a "Safety Monitor" involved in the PTC - I was thinking "What in the world is she doing here, it's supposed to be just between the teacher and me" - but I went with it. Mind you, Aaron is with me and most of the time between the safety monitor and his teacher they were not really talking to me but talking to Aaron and how he's doing things wrong. There was really nothing positive said during his PTC with the exception of one comment about "How Math is the only subject he is excelling in." and then it was onto more negative talk directed at Aaron.

I left Aaron's PTC frustrated and upset. I didn't say anything while I was in there because I want to talk to the principle and to Aaron's teacher together because I am NOT HAPPY with how they are talking down to my son and how they are making him HATE school. (Aaron's words not mine).

I realize that this could be construed as an over reaction due to pregnancy hormones raging BUT it's not. This has been going on for awhile now and now I need to get a bit more assertive bringing in the principle on the matter.

I am so grateful for the kids getting into the homeschooling program with IVA because now I know what type of schooling they will be getting and what type of environment they will be learning in and know that they will be uplifted and enjoy school instead of always being put down.

I am feeling really discouraged and now know why Aaron has come to hate school. I don't want either of them to not like school. Sam hates school because apparently the school doesn't have enough adults during lunch and Sam gets picked on and since no one will do anything about it, it's just making him miserable. (I have talked with the school several times and NOTHING is being done!)

At least they only have until mid-May to go until this school year is officially over and summer begins and in the fall we will start the homeschooling process! I have never been to a school where such negativity resides and how little the adults regard the students. It seems they are just a number and if they  need extra help  then just forget about it!

I am grateful I have options when it comes to the education of my kids and that I have a choice. I hope that this choice never gets taken away.

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  1. FYI: You can pull them out today. You just go into the office and say you are withdrawling them and homeschooling. Parents are in charge of education in Idaho not school and not the state. They may have you sign a form to document the withdrawl. IDVA will send for their records when it is time as long as you listed the school as their last school. There being in school or homeschool will not affect their admittance to IDVA. And then you can enjoy a little break and start transitioning to homeschool now. Then you don't have to meet with anyone anymore. At least that is what I would do. It is only 2 more months of school anyway.

    You could spend the next two months, reading books and going on field trips and getting your house ready for homeschooling.


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