Friday, April 2, 2010

{Weight Loss Weigh In: Week 5}

So this week I got to hear the heartbeat of my little jelly bean and it was awesome! I also spoke to my new doctor and he had other ideas of what I am supposed to do, but it didn't stop me from walking more this week and making sure I walked up & down the stairs at least 10 times during the day. 

So my new doc told me that I am not supposed to GAIN any weight but I am not supposed to LOSE any weight either. How exactly is that supposed to work out? With each child I gained 30 lbs before they were born, so if that happens again I need to lose at least 30 lbs to keep my weight exactly the same or something like that.

I am consciously looking at what I put into my mouth and I am walking more and more and I find that really no matter what I am probably going to lose weight - slow and steady like - and being more healthy and exercising is bound to cause weight-loss.

I was a bit annoyed with my new doc because he kept talking to me like I have always weighed in the 290's and I haven't and had to tell him several times that I always lost the weight after my babies with the exception of after Ruth because I went on birth control after having her and it made it so I didn't lose any baby weight and GAINED an additional 30 lbs. You know what he said, "You would have gained all that weight anyways". UGH, NO I WOULDN'T HAVE!

But I do like this doctor even if his view on my weight is a bit frustrating. I think he is just looking out for what is best for my little bean and wants to make the pregnancy a bit more comfortable for me. He is worried I will have HUGE baby like Sam was. Sam was 10 lbs 1 oz when he was born. He was worried I wouldn't be able to handle another big one...I told him I didn't tear or have any problems with delivering Sam, his birth was the easiest for sure, which surprised the doc.

Anywho, so my weight loss is right on target and I am very happy with it and glad to be under 300 now. I know I am making great progress and I am hoping that it continues but realize that sometime in the future I will be gaining weight back because I am pregnant and babies grow like weeds even in your tummy and soon the weight will come back, just praying it doesn't go over my original 305 lbs.

Current Weight: 295.5 pounds

Weight loss: 4 pounds

Total Weight loss: 9.5 pounds 

Weight still to lose: 61.5 pounds to go


  1. That's quite a dilemma, but you're doing well so far, so keep up what you're doing. Sometimes drs can be insensitive and they have certain opinions that won't change. They always worry about babies being too big, but you obviously can do it! Be prepared for him to try to schedule a c-section to deliver the baby early. Just the impression I 'm getting from what you said. Keep up the great work!

  2. I'm glad that things are going well so far! I've gained 15lbs already! The weight thing will probably just balance out as you work on being healthier which loses the weight and the baby grows, which adds to the weight. What you would have lost will just go towards what the baby should be gaining. And I can't believe you didn't tear with a baby that big! Mine were within 7 lbs and I wore with them all. My labors are very fast and there is no time to stretch out.

  3. Sam came within an hour of getting to the hospital, dr at the time thought it was going to take hours because he knew Sam was going to be big and left to get himself coffee, no sooner did he leave that the nurse had to run out and get him because Sam was already crowning.

    I won't allow them to induce me OR give me a C-section none of that is necessary unless baby is in distress. I am going to stick to my guns on that one.


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