Friday, April 16, 2010

{Raging Hormones - UGH!}

They are seriously raging...sometimes I just can't control this hormonal crazed lady that rears her ugly head. It's almost like an outta body experience and I am not liking this part of pregnancy at all!

(found on the internet doing a search for "emotions")

my emotions are go from happy to sad to insane to guilty to rage and so on. It's an insane time and I find it gets worse the less sleep I have gotten. Gee I wonder why that could be? (total sarcasm in my voice - I know why and I want it to stop!!)

(found on the internet while searching "screaming lady")

most of the time I just want to scream my head off and get away before I explode all over everyone, but I never seem to get a moments peace lately... I swear I am going totally insane!

(found on internet while searching "insane")

I realize raging hormones go with being pregnant but I don't remember it being so horrible uncontrollable at times. I am hoping that I can gain some sort of control and soon because I am not liking the rollercoaster of emotions that have been plaguing me lately. 

(found on the internet while searching "happy lady")

On a happy note, I did find a nice crib w/mattress on craigslist for $50!! I was so excited! I also found a cute black leather reclining chair (not one of those big puffy things from the 80's) but a nice sleek one for $25. I just love craigslist - well at least when I can find what I am looking for anyways!

I am hoping to find a nice pack 'n play & rocking chair next, something comfortable and not too pricey for when jellybean comes - I always had a rocker while there was a baby in the house and it's a must have for sure. The only "new" thing I plan on buying will be a stroller/carseat combo thing. I am sure I will find what I need soon enough - I have plenty of time to get everything done. (I hope!)

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